Can you imagine a pastor preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in a bar?  I’m looked down on because I spend my time and money in a terrible place full of sinners and low-lifers.  Where I’d brought every new client and drinking buddy for 10 years.  Where I’ve danced with my wife under the dimly lit red hue of a Budweiser light.  background1Where I’ve walked beside six families from the hospital to the graveside service.  A place where I can pray for and love on those God puts in front of me. Where I get to do what God made me to do…take Living Water to the thirsty sinner lost deep in the desert.

Who me?  You’re going to ordain me?  What in the world are you guys thinking?  That was the first thought that came crashing in on me when I received the email from Dan Sutherland, Senior Pastor of Next Level informing me of their decision to bring me under their auspice as a pastor of God’s word.  Me a pastor at all is a completely mind blowing concept.  I have little to no formal seminary training.  I didn’t really, really know Jesus until I was 40 years old and it has been 12 years of life changing experiences I could have never imagined.